Defying Debt


Sometimes you just have to jump feet first into the pool without testing the water….So I am taking a plunge and allowing myself to bear my story and journey that I am on to defy debt. This isn’t about earning or making 6 figures a year, although that would certainly be nice, it’s about changes I am making in my life to go from being on the road of 6 figures in debt to defying debt and gaining 6 figures in positive net worth.

Many people encouraged me to write a blog about it as a way to make extra income. That again would be amazing, but it’s not the reason I allowed myself to jump. I read an article from The Minimalists that it found rang true for me. They had a link to another site about why you should blog. I was struck by the reason of leaving your mark on the world and leaving something behind. Having recently lost my grandmother, I am craving to know more about her. What was her life like growing up as a Depression Era child? How did she survive WWII and Vietnam restrictions placed in the US? How the heck did she raise 7 kids when I think about my 1 crazy one?!

So I decided that I would write this as a way to leave a piece of myself behind for my daughter, and her children, and her children’s children. I also decided that I was going to do this as a way to break the trend generations of my family have perpetuated over the years. I am going to talk about money and how much I have and will I plan to do with it to cross my path from 6 figures in Debt to 6 figures in wealth. I am ending letting discussing money be a taboo subject with my family, and I encourage all the readers to participate in the discussion about it.

I have long thought it was strange that I was just supposed to magically learn about money and finances. My grandparents never discussed it with my parents, and they in turn never discussed it with us kids….well shy of “get a job and earn a paycheck” What the heck was I supposed to DO with that paycheck?? Save it, put it in the bank, CDs, what the heck is a money market account, and isn’t IRA in Ireland? I had no clue about any of this stuff as a kid, and neither did my parents. To make matters worse, I was born before there was Google!!! Like I was 14 when that little game changer made every encyclopedia we owned obsolete!!

So here we are 16 years later and I still have no clue. But I am willing to learn…and I am willing to teach what I have learned along the way. So please join me as we learn to Defy Debt together.

~Ms. Money Maker


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