Savings tips for First Time Mommas!

Welcome to the learning curve…

Welcome to the scariest ride you’re ever going to take: Motherhood!!

You’re gonna be up, down, left and right all in the course of an hour! Here are some sites that I have found to help you navigate the 1st year.

This site allows you to plug in different variables to help you realize just how expensive that little bundle really is.

How great is it you just learned that Junior is going to cost you $18,000 just this year!! That’s what I paid for my college education!!

Here are some great ways to cut some of those budget items:

Please be smart using these sites, meet in public places that are bright and full of people. – check out the kids section, bartering is unique experience too! Available in many areas. – this site alone was the greatest life saver!! Your little princess is going to look awesome in designer duds, just make sure someone else paid the sticker price. Again available in most areas.

Formula Mommy?

Sign up for these babies!!

Maybe your baby only bounces on Gerber… doesn’t mean you can’t trade other Mom’s for the formula checks they send out!!

GOT CLUMPS? Hey it happens, email those companies and tell them what’s wrong with your baby’s food…they send you a coupon for the can price, usually $15 off…bring that puppy to Bj’s and get a giant can of formula for half price!

Get the best reward for your formula! Figure out what store has the best program for you to take advantage of! You’ll spend easily $80 – $100 a month on formula

In the New England area we have Stop & Shop, spend $100 get $ .10 off each gallon of gas….that is great if you don’t drive an Aveo with an 11 gal tank…..that .10 = $1.10 only a 1% savings.

Shoprite had a Babybucks program spend $100 on baby products and you get $10 off your next order of $50 or more. My same $100 now just gave me a 20% max savings. You can earn up to 13 certificates per quarter.

If you shop in bulk, BJ’s takes 1 manufacturer coupon with 1 BJ’s coupon. Although rumor on the street is that they will let you use however many coupons as there is the equivalent in the packaging.STACK STACK STACK those for savings!

Know your local store programs and MILK IT!!

Any mom’s out there who qualify for WIC, those items still qualify for most of the programs so make sure your loyalty cards are getting scanned.

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